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Community Cancer Support

Valuable support and resources for both cancer patients and their caregivers

  • 30 minutes
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  • Online & In-person

Service Description

International School of Mindfulness can provide valuable support and resources for both cancer patients and their caregivers through their specialised mindfulness-based programs: For Cancer Patients: • One-on-one mindfulness coaching sessions - ISoM offers personalised guidance to help patients develop a mindfulness practice tailored to their specific needs and cancer journey. This can include meditation, breathwork, guided imagery, and more. • Mindfulness-Based Cancer Recovery program - This structured 8-week course helps patients learn mindfulness techniques to manage stress, pain, and difficult emotions throughout treatment and recovery. • Cancer-focused mindfulness retreats - ISoM organises immersive mindfulness retreats designed to provide deep healing and rejuvenation for cancer patients in a supportive group setting. For Caregivers: • Mindfulness for Caregivers workshops - These sessions teach caregivers practical mindfulness tools to reduce stress, prevent burnout, and cultivate self-care routines. • Caregiver support groups - Facilitated by mindfulness teachers, these groups offer a space for caregivers to connect, share experiences, and provide mutual emotional support. • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) courses - Caregivers can participate in comprehensive MBSR training to develop a personal mindfulness practice for enhanced coping and resilience. • Caregiver wellness retreats - Specialised retreats allow caregivers to step away, rest, and recharge through guided mindfulness, yoga, and other rejuvenating activities. Throughout all our programs, International School of Mindfulness emphasises the importance of tailoring mindfulness practices to the unique needs of the cancer community. We work closely with patients, caregivers, and medical professionals to ensure the mindfulness support is integrated seamlessly into comprehensive cancer care. By providing these specialised mindfulness resources, we aim to empower both cancer patients and their loved ones to navigate this difficult journey with greater ease, resilience, and wellbeing. You can reach out to the ISoM Cancer Support Community by emailing to learn more about the resources and peer support we offer for those affected by cancer.

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