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International School of Mindfulness Introduction course
This course can no longer be booked.

February Meditation for Beginners

Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners

  • Started 19 Feb
  • HKD900
  • 15/F Capital Commercial Building, 26 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay

Service Description

The Introduction to Mindfulness course (mindfulness meditation for beginners) offers a brief taste of mindfulness practice and theory in a format intended to be accessible to anyone new to Mindfulness. What will you learn? The course takes place over 3 sessions, each of which explores a core theme: • Understanding the mind’s natural tendency to be scattered and to wander; how we can train attention to create choices about where and how we place attention, and how this can fundamentally shape our experience. • Exploring different ways of being and knowing; recognising how much of our experience is shaped by thought; that other more experiential and observing modes are also available to us, and how we can learn to use them to help us flourish over time. • Recognising the difference between reacting and responding; developing ways to create the space to make choices between them, and exploring how this understanding can shape our experience and the quality of our lives. What happens during sessions? The sessions are group-based, and involve a combination of teaching, mindfulness practices, trying out what is learned in everyday life, and discussion. Each session builds on learning and experience from the previous session. You will also be invited to continue to practise the sessions’ themes through some ‘home practice’ between sessions. What are the benefits? Even though this course involves only 3 sessions, we hope you will experience some of the following within a relatively short period of time: • A sense of having more space or time in the day • Greater appreciation of what is pleasant and enjoyable in life • An ability to resource yourself in more challenging moments such as distractedness, stress or anxiety. • An ability to begin to respond throughout your day with greater clarity, compassion in ways that align with what’s important to you While we cannot guarantee you will experience all of these benefits, knowing such benefits are possible can make the challenges of participating worthwhile. Beginners Mindfulness Meditation HKD1100 3 x 60 minute sessions. 7pm-8pm 15F Capital Commercial Building 26 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Please register using this form

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